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Emma has been teaching yoga for 14 years, and qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in 2006 and has also trained in Pregnancy yoga (2008) and Postnatal Recovery Classes (2009). Through out her teacher training course with the British wheel of yoga she also had two children.

Emma has also taught many different classes ranging from young to old, in the Bridgend and Cardiff area. She was been to many workshops and has trained with teachers throughout the UK and focusing mainly upon anatomy, postures, breathing and meditation. She has worked with a wide variety of people from all walks of life and has trained people in teaching relaxation and worked with people on a one to one basis in order to help improve their health and well being.

Emma Pure Yoga

My yoga journey so far

My interest in yoga began as a small child. I always remember practicing the postures in the living room, from a book that only had a few children’s postures in (much to my frustration!). As a result this led me have strong beliefs in the importance of teaching yoga to children. After several years of videos and drop in classes during my teenage years I started to realise the impact that yoga could have. I went down the conventional route initially spending many happy years in Cheltenham studying for my BSc Geography with Sociological Studies Degree. Throughout this time I continued my interest in yoga, dropping into different classes. Once settled back home in Wales I started to go to a regular class and to investigate the philosophy of yoga.

Once I graduated I was lucky enough to get a good job in Marketing and after a year or so, and ill health realised that there was still something more that I needed to do. So I trained to be a Geography teacher and became aware that I was going in the right direction but was not quite there! The Geography teacher training experience proved invaluable and helped assist me in lesson plans for classes. Aims and objectives where drummed in and the penny eventually dropped. The one thing I really enjoyed during my geography teaching experience was the interaction with the children and knew that this was something I could develop. Whilst enjoying teaching Geography it dawned on me that yoga was the way forward and I decided to embark upon the British wheel of Yoga’s Teacher Training course.

When I joined the class in Malvern with Dave and Gail (living yoga) I didn’t quite realise how challenging the course would be or what direction it would take me in. Dave and Gail’s excellent teaching and support made me realise that I had been given brilliant foundations upon which to grow. The style of teaching, of working with the breath, is something that will always be paramount in my teaching as a result. During the course I continued to work with hard to reach young people with substance misuse issues and successfully supported them to ‘turn’ their lives around! We worked in many ways with the young people and tried to help them through one to one cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and relaxation. This cross over between ‘my day job’ and my passion made me reflect upon how young people could be supported.

The three year course was personally quite life changing, I got engaged, married and become pregnant all one after the other. Once the course came to a sad end and the baby yoga and maternity days were over, I knew I had to give yoga a go as ‘my job’. I was again lucky enough to be encouraged by some fab members of staff in the Local Adult Education department and have been teaching day classes with them for some time. The opportunity came up to train in Tatty bumpkin when I finished my BWY course and the response was overwhelming at times, the local schools and nursery’s have been hugely supportive and enthusiastic.

I was lucky enough to do the pregnancy module with Wendy Teasdill in London, who was a real inspiration. The course reinforced my belief that yoga is for everyone and how people of all walks of life can benefit. After completing the course and some students that I had taught started to give feedback on how their birth experience went, I realised that this was my direction. As a result I am starting classes in pregnancy yoga and pre-pregnancy (i.e. for women who are trying to conceive) in the Natural Health and Fertility Clinic in Cardiff, and feel that this will allow women to really embrace their bodies physically and emotionally.

I continued my training and whilst I was pregnant with my second child I completed my postnatal recovery (mum and baby) with Uma Dinsmore-tuli. The course was a very nurturing space and again I learnt so much in this time with Uma. New interest and teachers are always making me question and tweak my style of teaching. I recently went to some workshops in London with Sean Corne, who was mind blowing and I have also been lucky enough to work with some great Teachers in this area such as Lynne, Ann, Mike and Geraldine. At the moment I am finding the tool of meditation to be very useful in order to seek the quiet space that can be essential to a new parent.

With a little one around these days I try to do my own practice as often as I can in order to remain sane and patient. I am very fortunate to have an extremely supportive husband, family, and friends who help me to be able to get away now and again and enjoy a yoga morning or weekend, so I can pass on my growing knowledge.

The Future

Who knows what will happen? At the moment I am really enjoying teaching yoga to pregnant ladies and would love to develop this area further. I would really like to do more work with a young people and children in order to develop their relaxation and calming techniques. I have a keen interest in the philosophy of yoga and how you can make it ‘real’ in our everyday lives. Living in yoga with strong roots and an optimistic and calming point of view is my ultimate goal.