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During my third pregnancy I attended Emma's yoga class for about 15 weeks. I loved the routines, the information, the relaxation. It helped with my SPD and pre-natal depression. Emma was very friendly and showed us variations in the moves depending on our stage of pregnancy.

I'm looking forward to bringing my new baby to her yoga class and meeting back up with the young mums I met in her class! Both myself and Oliver will benefit massively from yoga!


Pregnancy yoga

My partner and I had a great birthing workshop with Emma in my third trimester. It was very informative and helpful, not only going through different birthing positions but breathing techniques, and massage that my partner could do so he could feel more involved. It was also a great opportunity to ask questions that were on our minds as Emma is very knowledgeable and very passionate about her subject.


Birth Preparation workshop

We attend Emma's mother & baby yoga! Here's Spencer on his Matt! We where struggling to find a class that suited us, but after our first yoga class we both really enjoyed! Totally relaxed as we can feed/change/cuddle etc when we need to, there's absolutely no pressure at all, you do what you can and when. Even if baby falls asleep Emma has devised a plan for mums to do if we're missing the baby parts!

After a few weeks I've noticed a difference in my body post pregnancy and Spencer even stays awake for the whole class now! It's a fabulous class and it gets you out of the house in a room full of mothers in the same boat as you! It's brilliant that you learn some techniques that you can do at home for yourself and for your baby, They are supper handy if your at a loss of how to keep baby going until bedtime and yoga definitely fills in that gap! Xx


Mum & Baby yoga

We've met some of our best mum and baby friends at baby yoga – we were all very sad when they got too big to go anymore! But we've all kept in touch and meet up regularly! It was a great first class to take Alys to as Emma is so relaxed so it's very easy with an unpredictable newborn! I also loved the pregnancy yoga – especially the chance to lie down for 5 minutes quiet time after work! Thanks Emma!


Mum & Baby yoga

Emma is my yoga guru. She's been a fantastic one to one teacher, helping me regain flexibility and suppleness when my running regime got a little crazy and has helped me bring my babies into the world with her lessons in the strength of posture, the control and relaxation that the breath brings and the difference that a positive and calming voice in your head can have. An elegantly calm, knowledgable and quietly empowering lady… and far too bendy for my liking!


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