Who can practice yoga?

General classes: yoga is for everyone. All classes are mixed ability but if there are certain health issues, please get in touch prior to attending a class.

Pregnancy classes: classes are only suitable from 14+ weeks of the pregnancy up and until your due date.

Mum & baby classes: classes are suitable from 4+ weeks (6+ weeks if C-section) all the way up to crawling.

What should I wear?

Warm loose comfortable clothing and extra layers for relaxation.

What shall I bring?

General classes and pregnancy classes: feel free to bring a mat if you have one, otherwise there are mats available that you can borrow if you wish.

Mum & baby classes: same as above but feel free to bring a pram/car seat and a blanket for your baby.

How can I pay?

Private general classes (Thursday class) and pregnancy (Tuesday and Thursday classes) and Mum and baby (Tuesday class):

Payments can be made via cash or cheque at the class. Please note then when you reserve a space, we can not re-sell that space and unless we hear otherwise from you that space will be kept for you for the time frame agreed. (i.e. if you attend a pregnancy class that space will be kept for you for 5/6 weeks depending upon which class you attend).

What do I need to do if I have to cancel?

Pregnancy (Tuesday and Thursday class): if you notify a week in advance that you can not attend then we will transfer that week over (i.e. for an antenatal appointment) if you cancel on the day then this is classed as a late cancelation and a transfer cannot be given for this. The reason for this is that quite often we have a waiting list for class and if half of the class decided not to turn up then the classes would not be viable. Quite often we have people who are waiting on the waiting list and this can be a big juggling act trying to fill those spaces at such a short notice.

Mum & baby (Tuesday class): theses classes are run on the basis that you pay for four classes which can be taken over 6 weeks.

General workshops and Birth preparation: if you need to cancel please let us know asap. If you need to cancel over 24 hours before the workshop and we can re-sell your space then we will give you a full refund. If we can not re-sell your space then we will transfer your booking to the next workshop. If you cancel less than 24 hours then this is classed as a late cancellation and at short notice we would probably be unable to re-sell your space and as a result no refunds can be given.

Can I get a refund once I have booked a set of classes?

One of reasons we ask people to book a set of classes is that in order to be able to get a full flavour you need to attend those set amount of weeks. Again if we do not hear from you we will keep that space for you in class for the agreed time. Please note refunds will not be given after a set of classes have been purchased.

If you have any other questions that have not been covered here feel free to get in touch.