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If you are new to yoga or have been on your journey for awhile welcome to pureYoga. The website covers all of the classes that are currently being taught. Feel free to browse around and find about Workshops and retreats, Pregnancy Yoga and Adult Yoga classes.

pureYoga focuses upon the belief that Yoga is the unison of mind, body and breath. If you work with your body rather than against it the body rewards you with health and vitality. During pureYoga classes we also learn about the philosophy of yoga.

At pureYoga we offer classes that focus on posture, breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

Yoga is a journey, as is life

During a practice we try to work towards bringing your awareness to the breath and to also focus upon the qualities of non comparison through out. The time honoured tradition of yoga is something that we can all incorporate into our lives and is a useful tool to help maintain the equilibrium.

Emma has a keen interest in the philosophy of yoga and believes that it helps you to look at, and question life and to help us ultimately become more aware. When we practice yoga we can stretch not only the body but also our minds in order to become kinder towards others and towards ourselves. Ultimately we become more at peace and more centred.

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